The People's Pilgrimage is an open source response from the human heart to the climate crisis. It's a way for everyone – of all faiths and none – to share our hopes and fears, and call for action on climate this year.

It's not owned by any one organisation it's been inspired and started by people around the world, of diverse faiths, doing everything they can to lift up the local and human stories of climate change.

By walking together to the places we love - we're putting a human face on climate change.

Below we've answered some of the don't hesitate to get in touch at:

Q: How do I add a pilgrimage to the map?

A: Click 'Add event' at the top of the white menu bar on the left hand side. You will then be asked to log in, add your details, and you're then ready to add your pilgrimage to the map.

Q: Do you have to pay to take part in the Pilgrimage?
A: No! The People's Pilgrimage isn't owned by anyone, nor do you have to pay anyone to take part. The pilgrimage is owned by all of us, and powered by everyone who takes part.

Q: Can anyone take part?
A: Yes! Anyone, anywhere can take part anytime up to the COP21 UN climate meeting in Paris this December. You may wish to walk alone, or to journey with friends or colleagues. Remember: Every Step Counts.

Q: How long does my pilgrimage need to be?
A: You can cross a continent, or only walk a mile. It's up to you. You can do it any way you like – walk, cycle or some other low or zero fossil fuel means. What matters is the spiritual journey and that you use the journey to reflect on the risks of climate change, what it means to you and to take time to consider what else you might do to reduce your carbon footprint, and to celebrate all the great low carbon solutions. Don't be put off if you find it difficult to walk, you are welcome to post your pilgrimage even if it's just a few challenging steps or journeying in another way to a destination which means something to you.

Q: My church, mosque, community, school, synagogue, NGO, friends want to support the pilgrimage and become a friend - how do we do this?
A: Great - drop us an email at to get started.

Q: When is The People’s Pilgrimage ending?
A: The People's Pilgrimage ends in December 2015 at the time of the UN climate talks in Paris. So please make sure to take your pilgrimage, post it on the website and share on social media before then. Every step counts, and we hope we can say to the World Leaders gathered in Paris that we have, together, walked at least once around the world by then. This is symbolically powerful and a beautiful way to illustrate the human upswell of concern.

Q: What is The People's Pilgrimage asking politicians to do?
A: We are asking our Leaders to have the courage, imagination and generosity to work through difficulties and bring the world to a meaningful climate agreement that makes our future safe for our children, and is powered by 100% clean energy.

Q: Who runs The People's Pilgrimage?
A: The pilgrimage was set up by groups from around the world, and across faiths. See the Friends section of the website for a list of many of the organisations and communities involved.

Q: I want to walk around the world / swim the atlantic / ride a bike across the Sahara - can you help fund my pilgrimage?
A: Unfortunately, we're not able to provide grants to support pilgrimages at the moment, but we would love to help publicise whatever you're doing, so please get in touch!

Q: Is there an age limit?
A: Anyone, anywhere and any age can take part in The People's Pilgrimage.

Q: Do you suggest any particular sites or pilgrimage destinations for each country?
A: Every location for a pilgrimage is personal and decided by the person or group taking part. This could be a place you know and love that is threatened by climate change, or it could be somewhere that gives you hope a solar park, or college campus taking part in divestment. Or you could visit a site which is sacred to you for prayer and meditation. What matters is that we're lifting up what climate change means to us, to put a human face on this crisis.

Q: Do we need to call it the People's Pilgrimage? What happens if my group decides to call it something else - will it still get included?
A: You can call your event whatever you like - that's entirely up to you. However it's best if you share it online using the hashtag #PeoplesPilgrimage, so that more people see it and can share your stories.

Q: How do we find out more about Yeb Sano's journey?
A: You can follow Yeb's journey on Twitter, Facebook, on the story-map, and on The People's Pilgrimage blog. Please share his story with your own networks, using the tag #PeoplesPilgrimage

Q: How do we stay informed?
A: The best way to stay up to date with The People's Pilgrimage is to visit the Join in page and sign up.

Q: How can we help spread the word for you?
A: Thank you for asking! Please use all the outlets available to you to help spread the word. In addition to social media, please write articles, mention in your newsletter, discuss in your congregations. Make sure you're following us on social media so you know what's going on straight away.

The People's Pilgrimage bears no responsibility for the activities of pilgrims taking part in The People's Pilgrimage. Individuals and organisations taking part go on a pilgrimage in full recognition that they are doing so by their own free will, and thus bear all responsibility for all of their activities. This includes administering their own insurance and medical insurance, any appropriate rescue operations in the event of injury or mishap, medical treatment, evacuation or any other emergency services.

For media enquiries please email:

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