Embracing Our Pilgrimage

Embracing Our Pilgrimage

The People's Pilgrimage is welcomed in Corchiano, Italy on their journey to Paris.

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Saturday 03 October 2015 at 17:34
Embracing Our Pilgrimage

by Yeb Saño,

From Civitavecchia, our pilgrimage reached the incredibly gorgeous medieval city of Viterbo. From there, we spent much of Thursday walking drenched in rain, but strolling through amazing scenery with old churches, vineyards, olive orchards, rolling hills, and wooded parks. Near 6pm we reached the famed Etruscan city of Corchiano, which took the Romans two centuries to conquer because of its natural defenses formed by canyons and cliffs.

The city still has it network of subterranean chambers and the mayor gave us a tour of the magical ancient part of town.

Corchiano was an enchanting place, but made more so appealing by the sincere hospitality of the people. Theirs was a precious cultural legacy and they knew how to care for such a treasure. And upon our arrival, as we marched towards the municipal hall, a marching band played a joyful welcome tune, complete with baton-wielding majorettes. The affable mayor had a warm smile and embraced us as we entered the gates.

We were then led to a village hall where together with our partner organizations, led by FOCSIV, we held a short program where we shared with them our stories and our journey. With it also being Thursday, the first of the month, some of the pilgrims were also fasting for the climate.

12122862_912811848807353_7217780933993383333_nThe People's Pilgrimage with elementary students in Corchiano, Italy

It had been a long day of walking under the rain and without food for the fasters. We rested our weary bodies on folding cots an indoor football court. It was a pilgrim's heaven with nice warm showers after a hearty dinner for those who were not fasting.

The people of Corchiano had proven to us that the world can be a better place by the way they have embraced the pilgrims.

As we were greeted by a gentle drizzle on Friday morning, we were treated to tasty croissants, vegan cookies, and good old Italian cappuccino for breakfast.

Before we left, we were blessed even more as we visited a local primary school, where the children gave us a letter to bring to world leaders in Paris. The children had touched our hearts and we will certainly carry their inspiration as we continue on our journey.

Next stop is Foligno.

Photo Credit: Maria Grazia Montagnari (Flickr Creative Commons

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