Next Stop: India

Next Stop: India

Yeb Saño prepares for the next leg of his global journey visiting communities at risk and fighting climate change.

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Friday 14 August 2015 at 15:58
Next Stop: India

by Yeb Saño

On Monday I embark on the next leg of my pilgrimage - India.

India is a country that has so many of the problems we face in overcoming climate change, but also so much of the promise.

The Indian people have suffered the extremes of climate many times, through drought, floods and cyclones. But India is also lighting the way for the rest of the world to follow, with massive investment in clean solar power.

I will walk in the footsteps of Ghandi, inspired by his leadership, and join an amazing group of pilgrims walking through the streets of Delhi as the start of my pilgrimage.

Climate Change is India’s achilles heel, and just as salt was Ghandi’s rallying call, so the solar cell is the icon of our times. Indian people deserve nothing less than clean energy access. We need to mobilise that same incredible Indian spirit Ghandi inspired, that hunger for justice, and that determination that a better, cleaner, safer future is possible for all.

You can follow our pilgrimage on Facebook, Twitter & on the blog which we’ll keep updated as we go from Delhi to other places of restoration and hope.

And as we get closer to the crucial Paris climate talks this December - I hope you’ll join me in taking your own pilgrimage to somewhere you know and love that’s at risk from climate change - and then share your story using our pilgrimage map. Check it out to see all the pilgrimages that have taken place already.

Thank you for being a part of our movement,


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