Next Stop: Paris

Next Stop: Paris

The People's Pilgrimage for Climate Action, led by Yeb Saño, departs Rome for a 1500km walk to Paris ahead of COP21.

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Wednesday 30 September 2015 at 15:25
Next Stop: Paris

Today, Yeb Saño and his fellow pilgrims embark on their epic 1500km walk across Europe. Together they carry the hopes and prayers of millions around the world.

A better future is possible, but only if we make it for ourselves. Climate change is just too big a challenge to leave to politicians alone.

Politicians need to hear our voices, and see our heartfelt actions.

Our pilgrimage and those coming from other parts of Europe, are the walking, singing, praying expression of all we call for in Paris. By walking together, we will show climate change as the great challenge of our time — and that it can be overcome. Today, we set off from Vatican City, with a direct blessing of Pope Francis.

All too often we call events historic that are not, but this truly is the start of a journey to define our future.

People's Pilgrimages, big and small are happening all over the world. On Monday, over 200 people of all faiths and none joined together to walk for climate action in Hong Kong. Anyone, anywhere can show their solidarity with Yeb and all other pilgrims by stepping outside, whether in a group or alone, for a walk around the block — across a continent.

Our stories matter, so share yours — Be part of this beautiful upswell calling our leaders to be brave and generous in Paris. ​ Yours in Hope, Rev. Fletcher Harper

Photo Credit: Mat McDermott

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