One Earth, One Family

One Earth, One Family

Sean, Lotifa, Yonatan, Priya, and Ravneet share their experiences from taking part in Rome's multifaith climate march, One Earth, One Family.

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Monday 29 June 2015 at 11:07
One Earth, One Family

by Sean, Lotifa, Yonatan, Priya, & Ravneet

“Lord, seize us with your power and light, help us to protect all life, to prepare for a better future.” -Pope Francis (Source)

Yesterday we marched together through the streets of Rome. For every one of us this was a life changing moment, and wanted to share a little of it with you:

Sean Watkins from OurVoices said:

"As I sit here today reflecting, I am filled with so many emotions that tears are beginning to fill my eyes. I take a deep breath to give thanks to the universe for guiding me to where I am today, because what took place yesterday will stay with me for the rest of my life and I am forever grateful. The Una Terra, Una Famiglia (One Earth, One Family) multifaith climate march is now a piece of history, but what is most important is that the world now knows just how serious faith communities of all traditions are committed to fighting climate change."
Lotfia Begun from Islamic Relief UK had this to say:
“It's been an incredible day and empowering to march alongside global faith leaders to the Vatican in Rome, St. Peter's Square - together we showed that no matter our race, religion or background - we are all one human family that have the power to use our voice and our faith to get climate justice from world leaders this year. Too many lives are lost to climate injustice in this world because of disastrous human action on the environment - let's use the power of faith to give some of the world's vulnerable people a voice.”
Yonatan Neril from The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development said:
“It was a great day in history...Sikhs and Catholics, Muslims and Buddhists, Jews and Hindus marching together in one of Europe’s oldest cities so that our children can inherit a liveable planet. We showed that contrary to the popular headlines, it’s not about us versus them but us and them. We can find common cause by drawing on our rich religious traditions to transition to a sustainable society.”
Priya Parrotta from The Sanctuaries had this to say:
“At the march, I saw so much of what I love in this world, and so much of what I hope for, coming together in an utterly beautiful way. We walked from la Piazza Farnese to la Piazza San Pietro [Vatican City], singing and chanting in celebration….In a few words, [all I can say is that] I just feel so blessed to be here, celebrating art, multiculturalism, spiritual pluralism, and moral unity in the service of climate action.”
And Ravneet Singh from EcoSikh said:
“All the diverse cultures and religions marching together for Climate Action was in itself very empowering. The two blessing moments during the march when we saw a huge group of birds marching with us in the Rome streets, and same birds flying around the same building where Pope Francis appeared and congratulated and blessed the gathering for supporting the encyclical and standing for Climate Justice. The celebration, singing and chanting of “One Earth One Family” has been spiritual and moving…..Hoping for major action plan ahead.”
As we move on in our various walks of life, we thank all who helped make yesterday happen, especially our Italian co-organisers, FOCSIV, and to all who took part in a global day of multi-faith climate action.

We ask the universe to continue sending light and love to all the communities who have already or are currently suffering from climate change, and we call on our leaders to make the right choice in protecting any more harm to occur.

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