Praying With Our Feet

Praying With Our Feet

OurVoices is launching The People's Pilgrimage with Yeb Saño, former Philippines Climate Change Commissioner and government delegate to UN climate talks.

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Thursday 14 May 2015 at 17:45
Praying With Our Feet

by Rev. Fletcher Harper, OurVoices Coordinator

The world is changing—and so must we.

Global warming is changing everything around us—the weather, our safety, and our children’s futures. Places we’ve known and loved for years.

It’s time to stop and think.

To reflect deeply on the future we want, what we love, what we want to protect. How we need to create a bright, clean-energy future, healthy and prosperous—not a world ravaged by extreme weather and climate insecurity.

This is why we’re launching The People’s Pilgrimage—simple walks with a sacred purpose.

Every step counts.

Around the world, people of faith are setting out on pilgrimages, big and small, to visit places at the heart of the climate crisis. To places of hope and resistance, but also to places at risk or already suffering the consequences of a less stable planet.

Our journeys and our stories are the key to this crisis. Every step we take, every story we share, lifts up the human face of climate change. Bringing hope to those without it, or showing the reality to those that still doubt it.

We are excited to share with you that we will be launching The People's Pilgrimage this Sunday with Yeb Saño, former Philippines Climate Change Commissioner and government delegate to UN climate change conferences—as well as  inspiration for Fast for the Climate—returning to his hometown and site of Typhoon Haiyan, Tacloban. We invite you to celebrate this Sunday in your own simple way in your respective communities as an expression of solidarity.

Together, let’s commence the People’s Pilgrimage for climate action.

Over the next few days, give it some thought. Yours could be a short trip or a huge journey. What matters is that we’re shifting the conversation, and showing the world why climate change matters to all of us.

Yours in faith,

Photo Credit: Roi Lagarde/Greenpeace 

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