Taizé: A Pilgrimage Of Trust On Earth

Taizé: A Pilgrimage Of Trust On Earth

The People's Pilgrimage made a stop at the Taizé community in France in the wake of the attacks in Paris.

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Thursday 19 November 2015 at 19:04
Taizé: A Pilgrimage Of Trust On Earth

by Alan Silayan, @peregrinoloco

Over the weekend, we arrived at Taizé as pilgrims walking from Rome to Paris. This is truly a special place, made so by the prayers of the thousands of young people drawn here by the unique spirituality of the Taizé brothers. The first moment we arrived we were warmly welcomed with tea and biscuits and a warm fire — the perfect way to welcome pilgrims who have come in walking from the cold.

Immediately, we knew that this was a place of openness, of welcome, and of peace.

Four of us including Yeb, AG, and Rodne had lunch with the Taizé brothers who started lunch with a customary silence for the first part of the meal. In the silence we found ourselves immediately welcomed and connected to our host community. The few minutes of silence was not uncomfortable, on the contrary, it was familiar in a way that made us feel even more relaxed in the presence of our new brothers.

We had the opportunity to share the message of our pilgrimage in the afternoon to the other visitors of Taizé. Yeb had spoken about why we are walking in this path from Rome to Paris. Yen’s brother, AG, was a powerful witness to his experience as a survivor of typhoon Haiyan. This left our listeners moved and closer to the experience of climate change in the Philippines.

The brothers of Taizé have created an oasis of spiritual light in the middle of France.

Indeed they are the salt of the earth giving flavor to the spiritually hungry. As pilgrims, we are also called to be the salt of the earth taking one step after the other under various circumstances. More so even now in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris we have been called on this pilgrimage to be bearers of peace with the message of hope for a brighter future.

Photo via Lutheran World Federation

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