The Climate Miles

The Climate Miles

A Dutch group is calling attention to the action needed to avert dangerous climate change and keep the planet safe for future generations.

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Friday 30 October 2015 at 21:39
The Climate Miles

by Marjan Minnesma,

This Sunday the 1st of November I start my walk to Paris — starting in Utrecht, the center of the Netherlands, through Antwerp and Brussels to Paris — about 600 km in total.

On this road many people will join me, whether for a couple of days or even the whole month—and coming as far as  USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Dutch main public broadcasting organization will be joining us the entire month, and will be making daily broadcasts about our progress. On the road to Paris, we'll have have many guests — CEOs, professors, students, board members of local and farmers' unions, members of CORDAID, local enery cooperations, and even Dutch politicians and celebrities.This is  a very broad social justice movement.

We want to show the urgency of climate change, but also the many solutions on the table. 

Anyone who will be in Paris on the 28th of November (or earlier of course), please join us if you can. Even if it is only the last mile.

Hoping to meet you somewhere this year.

Friendly greetings,


Header Image via Tambako the Jaguar (Flickr Creative Commons)

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