Walking For Climate: Day In, Day Out

Walking For Climate: Day In, Day Out

Tessa shares her experience being on the road with The People's Pilgrimage for Climate Justice in Italy.

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Friday 30 October 2015 at 08:00
Walking For Climate: Day In, Day Out

by Tessa Tennant,

Last week, I was on the road with Yeb Saño and his terrific fellow pilgrims, some 500kms on from Rome and 1000km to go until Paris. I wanted to support the team and their People's Pilgrimage walk for climate justice and to understand better the experience of walking some 25kms a day — day in, day out.

They are set to reach Paris by 27th November, in time for the start of the COP21 climate meeting.

From the cars and lorries whizzing by honking their horns in friendly cheer to the train crowded with rush hour commuters as I passed through Milan on my way home to the UK, I was struck again and again by the walk being so out of the ordinary​. Truly, it takes a rare commitment to spend so long away from loved ones and everyday comforts and commitments. It’s also hard on the bones to walk distance on road surfaces. I was in agony at several points, and it was a relief when we found ourselves on the gentler, calmer cycle routes and ancient pilgrimage paths.

IMG_20151020_123149841The People's Pilgrimage on a busy road in Italy. Photo: Tessa Tennant

It takes nerves to walk long stretches along major highways, with lorries thundering by so close you could touch them if you stretched your arm out. This is the reality of the modern pilgrim, no longer pure Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, although the characters are still as lively and riveting. There is an element of timelessness too — the extraordinary generosity of host communities providing food and overnight stay. Such kindness fuels the good spirits of the group as does the singing, silence, and the sharing of personal stories.

The line that kept ringing in my head as we walked was "the meek shall inherit the earth."

Yes there is great humility in stepping out for what you believe in, and if meekness allows for determination and resolve to make our leaders turn the tide with a strong deal, then we have the chance of our grandchildren inheriting a clean green earth — not the "immense pile of filth" which is the current trend, described so bluntly by Pope Francis.

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