In 2015, a global movement emerged – walking to protect our common home by building a safer future free from climate change




They walked across Europe, over the Alps from Rome to Paris with a simple message:


If they could work together, across faiths and nationalities and walk across a continent, then we should be able to do anything.

The solutions are here, we just need the political will. The pilgrims are a walking a testament to the possibility of a better future.


PP Hope and risk


The People's Pilgrimage.

In 2015, pilgrims around the world took  part of a global movement of people of faith and goodwill, who took their own journeys, big and small, to visit the places at the heart of the climate crisis at risk or ​affected ​already,​ or showing the way forward - places of hope and resistance.​

These pilgrimages were a chance to reflect on our future. Our journeys, our stories are also the key to this crisis. Every step we take, every story we share, lifts up the human face of climate change. Bringing hope to those without it, or showing the reality to those that doubt it.

Every step counts. 

A better future is possible. The technology for a clean world is here now , and the solutions to the climate crisis will unlock a prosperous, safer, more just world.


The spirit of the #PeoplesPilgrimage lives on for #climatejustice: #TayoTayo