Organizing a Pilgrimage?

Here's a link to a guide we've put together on organizing a pilgrimage in your community, that walks you through each step.



Prayers & Sacred Texts

We've brought together this collection of prayers and sacred texts to help you in your pilgrimage, and give you inspiration for the spiritual journey that the pilgrimage will be.


Pray & Fast for the Climate have also put together this beautiful selection of prayers around pilgrimage



Adding your Pilgrimage to the Map

This is a short 'How-to' guide for adding your pilgrimage the map on this website.





Digital Resources

Here's the logo for use on your images, banners, flyers, badges or whatever else you're using as part of your pilgrimage.

Just right click and select save image as to download it.


Below are the hex color codes we've been using for all our flyers, posters and designs.

Turquoise: 29beb8
Yellow: d8533c
Red: f5b011

And the font we've been using is called Londrina, which you can download and use for free here :) 


Social Media

We've put together this document of sample posts and tweets, that you can use to share your own pilgrimage or celebrate others taking place around the world.


These images were made to help us share the news of The People's Pilgrimage, so please use them on social media to encourage your friends and family to take part. Or even better yet - make your own and share them with us!

Right click on the images and select 'save as' to download the fullsize images to share.

Peoples Pilgrimage - Every Step counts Yeb PhotoPeoples Pilgrimage Mountain walkersPeoples Pilgrimage - Every step counts Mother and childpp - our stories share photo